Terms and Conditions



By placing an order you agree to our conditions.

We only supply products with the original manufacturer’s warranty.

Article 1

The purchase agreement is concluded after the internet order has been confirmed by e-mail and applies to the items stated in the confirmation e-mail. Please check this email carefully for any errors.

Article 2

If the agreement is dissolved through the actions or omissions of the customer, the seller will be entitled to charge the costs reasonably incurred by him to the customer under the obligation to specify these to the customer.

Offers and orders

Article 3

All offers shown on the website are valid during the period that they are shown on the website.

Article 4

mzspecials.nl cannot be held to price statements. All prices and product descriptions are subject to writing, printing or mentioning errors.

Article 5

mzspecials.nl cannot be held to its offers and orders if the customer should have understood, in terms of reasonableness and fairness and generally accepted views in society, that the offer or offer or any part thereof contains an obvious mistake or error.

Article 6

The prices in the mentioned offers and orders are exclusive of VAT and exclusive of shipping costs

Article 7

A composite quotation does not oblige mzspecials.nl to deliver part of the goods included in the offer or order at a corresponding part of the stated price.

Article 8

Offers or orders do not automatically apply to repeat orders.


Article 9

All (delivery) periods stated by Webwinkel are approximate and have been determined on the basis of the data and circumstances that were known to Webwinkel when entering into the agreement. Stated delivery times will never be regarded as a strict deadline. If a change in the data and / or circumstances, regardless of their foreseeability, results in a delay, the delivery date will be left accordingly. In the event of late delivery, Webshop must be given notice of default in writing, whereby it must still be offered a reasonable period of time for delivery.

Article 10

Exceeding the delivery terms specified by Webwinkel, for whatever reason, never entitles the Customer to compensation or non-fulfillment of any obligation incumbent on it from the relevant agreement or a related agreement.

Article 11

In the event that Webshop dissolves the order in whole or in part, it is entitled to take back the unpaid part of the delivered goods. Dissolution and / or take-back does not affect Webwinkel’s right to compensation. purchased by him, then the goods are stored at his disposal for his account and risk.

Article 12

If you exceed the maximum delivery time of 60 working days, you have the right to dissolve the agreement free of charge. You must send an e-mail, fax or letter to Webwinkel for this. In that case, any payments will be returned to you within 30 working days of notification.

Article 13

The seller delivers the goods to be delivered by him, unless otherwise agreed in writing, with due observance of the manufacturer’s or importer’s guarantee. The aforementioned guarantee provisions are deemed to form an integral part of the agreement, unless this was deviated from in writing when the agreement was entered into.

Article 14

If the seller is unable to deliver the purchased product, for example because the item has been withdrawn from the market, he will inform the buyer thereof. The buyer has the right to cancel the purchase.

Article 15

With regard to delivered goods, the customer must check the delivered goods as soon as possible and in any case within two working days after receipt for any defects or defects. Complaints on the grounds of malfunction or. existing defects of the delivered goods must be reported in writing to the seller within 5 working days after they have been discovered, failing which the right of complaint will be deemed to have lapsed. Damage to the packaging must be reported to the delivery person and noted by him on the consignment note.

Article 16

The customer is obliged to purchase the agreed product at the time when it is available to him or is made available to him.

  1. If delivery has been agreed and the customer is not present on the agreed day and delivery address or is negligent in providing information or instructions necessary for delivery, the agreed product will be offered again in consultation. The agreed price is increased by the additional costs.
  2. If the customer refuses the agreed product, or a part thereof, upon delivery for a reason other than mentioned in paragraph 16 sub c of this article, the customer owes a 15% cancellation fee of the agreed total price.
  3. Customer has the right to refuse the product if he:
    – is presented damaged,
    – is not in accordance with the agreed product.

Article 17

If delivery has been agreed and the order consisting of several parts cannot be delivered at once, one of the following options will be chosen in consultation with the customer:

– a new delivery date is agreed, with all parts of the order being delivered,

– the deliverable part is delivered, the non-immediately deliverable part is removed from the contract, the

package discount, if applicable to the part that is not immediately available, will be canceled,

– the deliverable parts are delivered, the parts that are not immediately deliverable are delivered later.

Payment / prices

Article 18

Cash on delivery is possible, against cash payment of the total invoice total plus cash on delivery costs of € 12.50 to the delivery person.

If it has been agreed to pay in advance, the agreed total amount must be credited to our bank account before delivery is made.

Article 19

If, after a reminder, the seller is forced to relinquish his debt collection claim, a compensation for extrajudicial costs of 10% of the outstanding invoice amount will be payable after a reminder. The seller is entitled to suspend any pending deliveries pending full payment of the outstanding invoices.

Article 20

As long as all payment obligations have not been met by the customer, all delivered goods remain the property of the seller. As long as the customer is in default, he will be obliged to give the seller access to the goods delivered by the seller at all times. The seller irrevocably grants the customer permission to establish a non-possessory pledge on behalf of the seller on all delivered goods and rights. The prices used by the seller will be maintained, unless there are obvious printing errors, mistakes or price changes imposed in the meantime. The seller is at all times entitled to pass on price increases or levies imposed by the government. With regard to repairs, the seller will be entitled, if the customer has not fully complied with all payment obligations, to suspend the delivery of processed or repaired goods.

Not happy, money back

Article 21

If the goods delivered by us are damaged or not in accordance with the type (s) ordered, the equipment will be taken back by us free of charge, if unused and in the original, undamaged packaging. Damages must be reported within 24 hours after delivery. We refund the full purchase amount if it appears within 7 days after delivery that the products are not good or are different from the products ordered. You can also request us to repair, replace or supply the missing.


Article 22

All disputes will be settled by a normal competent Dutch court under Dutch law, unless the parties agree in writing to have the dispute settled by a disputes committee.